I’m a small business owner in Tooele County with a young family. We work hard to pay our bills, student loans and home mortgage. Like you, I believe in common sense government that represents the people. I look forward to meeting you and earning your vote on November 8th. rpsig

A New Voice for Tooele County

I’m running for the Utah House of Representatives because I’m dedicated to my community, my neighbors, my family and my friends. We need well thought-out, balanced solutions to issues that concern us all–air quality, education and the economic growth of Tooele County.

We need a new voice representing Tooele County and that voice is YOURS!  

Join me, and together we will ensure that ALL of our voices are heard.

About Rick

I grew up in Ogden and attended the University of Utah where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication. I met my wife, Amy, while I was the Marketing/Promotions Director for KENZ-FM. We fell in love with the Tooele Valley in 2000, knowing this is where we wanted to raise our family. Shortly after moving to Tooele, I was employed by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee as the Retail Services Coordinator for the 2002 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Villages. While preparing for the Olympics, our son Stone was born. I’m now a small business owner, I’ve owned 435 Design, a local website/print/graphic design firm since 2008. I’m passionate about giving back to my community, I’ve happily volunteered for the North Tooele Fire District, Different=Amazing, and the Weber Morgan Childrens’ Justice Center, among others. I’ve served on the board of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation for 5 years and I’m currently a trustee on the board of the Plan-B Theatre Company. I care about our community and believe that we need to end the political rhetoric and work together to find common sense solutions in regards to education, air quality, health care, immigration and issues that concern every single Utahn.

Endorsements & Supporters

  • Crystal Allred
  • Wade Anderson, Independent
  • Kirt Bateman
  • Sandra Bauman, Democrat
  • Cindee Beard, Democrat
  • Kaye Beeny, Democrat
  • Parker Berg
  • Sarah Berg
  • Benjamin Bretz
  • Erik Brondum
  • Janet Brondum
  • Becki Bryant
  • Jeff Bryant
  • Bryce Carlile
  • Katie Carlile
  • Yvonne Coiner
  • Rebecca Darling, Democrat
  • Toby Dillon, Democrat
  • Roberta Dustin
  • Bill Edelen, Independent
  • David Ekenstam, Democrat
  • Equality Utah
  • Karen Fawbush, Independent
  • Mikel Gajkowski
  • Wendy Garcia
  • Susan Garner, Independent
  • Geret Giles, Republican
  • Ed Gonzalez, Democrat
  • Marie Halpin
  • Rachel Hester
  • Gillian Johns-Young, Democrat
  • Cort Johnson
  • Mike Johnson (fmr Tooele City Council)
  • Molly Johnson
  • Eric Keil, Democrat
  • Mike Keil, Democrat
  • Kari Langdale, Democrat
  • Mary Lay, Republican
  • Valerie Lee (fmr Tooele County Treasurer)
  • Denise Lind
  • Stacie Lindsey, Republican
  • Nikki Lovell, Democrat
  • George Lucier, Democrat
  • Carri Lyda-Lucier, Democrat
  • Matt McCarty, Democrat
  • Rene Meza, Democrat
  • Barb Munoz
  • Martin Munoz
  • Brianne Nelson, Republican
  • Ryan Nelson, Republican
  • John J. O’Donnell
  • DeLene Olivares
  • Frank Park (fmr. Tooele County Sheriff)
  • Randi Park, Democrat
  • Brendan Phillips, Independent
  • Becky Pickle, Independent
  • Planned Parenthood of Utah
  • Amy Pollock
  • Linda Pollock-Wells, Republican
  • Andrew Quintana, Democrat
  • Marianne Reynolds, Republican
  • Marion Schwartz, Democrat
  • Gerrie Smith, Republican
  • Jon Smith, Republican
  • John Spiers, Democrat
  • Anne Stevenson Freimuth, Repub.
  • David Swan, Democrat
  • Kendall Thomas (Stockton Town Council)
  • Tom Thompson, Independent
  • Utah Women’s Democratic Club
  • Barbara Vogel, Democrat
  • Jay Wagnon, Independent
  • Molly Walker, Democrat
  • Mike Walton
  • Roger Wells, Republican
  • Andy Werrett
  • George Young

From the campaign trail

What you can do to help


Campaigning is expensive, every dollar counts.


Give us a few minutes to walk your neighborhood or make phone calls!

Lawn Signs

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Election Day 2016